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ZZR 1400 Performance, 24,750 milesBy any standards, Kawasakis ZZR1400 is an incredible piece of engineering. Not that long ago, it was the quickest production motorcycle on the planet – now eclipsed by the same manufacturers awesome H2. It produces 197bhp – 207bhp with RAM air – and hits 186mph before the speed restricter kicks in. At 268kg, its no lightweight, but the weight-to-torque ratio of 116 lb ft is impressive. It goes from a standstill to 60mph in about 2.5 seconds – about the same time as it it took you to read that sentence. - ?£8,495 - This is a seriously quick Sports Tourer that is still one of the fastest production bikes in the world! With Heated Grips, comfortable seat, Akrapovic Cans, Luggage rack and a plethora of Carbon accessories, this Kawasaki will not disappoint. Please call Pete or Scott on 01313483270 to arrange a test ride.

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