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Bike Options:

Digital Display, Crash Bars, Akrapovic Exhaust, Adjustable Front and Rear Suspension, ABS, Fly Screen, Massive amount of FUN!, Rear Passenger Seat, Rider Modes

About the Bike:

Simply put the KTM 690 Duke is really impressive: in a dream garage youd have one. The motor is versatile, smooth, user friendly and doesnt mind revving. The lightness makes the 690 a doddle to ride, fun and enjoyable, perfect for darting up mountain roads or nipping between traffic in on a city commute.The Duke 690 is toy-like, like a BMX with an engine. It will turn with very little effort and will drop to toe scraping angles of lean with ease. You dont really need to hang off or manhandle it, simply look where you want to be and youre there. Please call Pete or Scott on 01313483270 for further info

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